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I would like to thank you for support of Strapped Condoms and our Strapped4Life social marketing campaign. Here at Strapped Condoms, we aim to reduce knowledge-behavior gaps concerning the risks of HIV/AIDS/STDs pandemic, and encourage substantial use of the solution by branding Strapped Condoms as your “Conscious, Condom, Choice.”  Strapped4life is geographically accessible, complements standard health education programs, fosters knowledge and behavior exchange perspectives, and provides a social benefit to society.

By joining our team, you will be apart of an innovative campaign that highlights the real lifestyles of people and reveals how success, education, and healthy life choices are unbelievably sexy, empowering, and enjoyable.  Our mosaic concepts showcase dynamic special events (in Houston, Texas, and throughout the U.S.) that connect with high profile audiences, delivers powerful targeted HIV/AIDS prevention messages that heighten public awareness, and advocates practical behaviors that encourage consumers to live balanced and healthy lives.  Our social marketing strategies will allow consumers to

converse, build support, share information, showcase healthy lifestyles and expand corporate responsibility and conscious entertainment, in order to stimulate a “call-for-action” regarding HIV/AIDS/STDs prevention. As a supporter/volunteer, you can assist us in the following areas:

  •  Youth Education
  •  Entertainment/Special Events
  • College/University Programs
  • Community Outreach
  • Public/Private Agency Collaborations

The severity, prevalence, and the incurability of the HIV/AIDS (and certain STDs) epidemic requires widespread knowledge, exposure, and a change in human behavior.  Our “change in practice” concepts have a broad appeal for all adults from all backgrounds, cultures, and income demographics while holding a special appeal to high profile audiences, as well as encourage a “social good.”

 With your help and a collective effort, our campaign will mobilize social support and resources to become agents of change, and expand capacities to merge audiences, products; message and channel variables on a local and global level. We are confident that our eclectic approaches will enhance consumer awareness and foster social action. Your support and volunteerism is “priceless” and we are honored that you will work with us to create a social “consciousness” that will unite people around the world to eradicate the global spread of HIV/AIDS/STDs.

With your support, Strapped4Life will help communities use their structure and resources to provide tangible opportunities for citizen participation in a common purpose that influences a new era of responsibility, encourages greater effort and cooperation, and implements eclectic, innovative approaches regarding health promotion and welfare among all members of society.  Change begins with YOU!
                             PROTECT YOURSELF…STAY STRAPPED